Wecome to Central Coast Wine Writer

859944_281443811986566_47884978_oHi all,

This is the beginning of a blog I’ve had on my mind for some time.  Living in Los Angeles, I’m close to the Central Coast and have visited a lot–so I’m in a convenient location to report to you about it.

What’s more, Central Coast wine is delicious, from Santa Barbara pinot to Paso Robles cabernet.  It’s not as built up as Napa, so there’s always new wineries to discover.  I hope that by reading this blog, you’ll want to try this area more.

I have the very modest goal of posting once a month.   I work, and I still have The Diagonal Oenophile to maintain.  And I get caught up in watching reality TV instead of doing what I should, just like everyone else.  So one post per month is manageable to begin.

I hope to post informative articles about wineries to visit, as well as some history of the area.  Maybe other things too, but that’s a good start.

So stay tuned!